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100% Grass-Fed Sheep Farming Movement

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The 100% Grass-Fed Sheep Farming Movement is gaining momentum worldwide. Advocates of this approach emphasize sustainable practices, animal welfare, and environmental benefits. Let’s explore the key principles and impact of this movement.

Core Principles

  1. 100% Grass Diet: Animals in this system are fed exclusively on grass and forage from weaning until harvest. No grain-based feed is used. This promotes healthier animals and reduces the environmental impact.

  2. Raised on Pasture: Sheep are raised on open pasture without confinement. They graze freely, expressing natural behaviors and instincts.

  3. No Antibiotics or Hormones: Animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. This ensures cleaner, more natural meat and supports animal welfare.

  4. Family Farm Origin: All animals are born and raised on family farms. This local focus strengthens communities and reduces transportation-related emissions.


  • Environmental Impact: Grazing animals on pasture positively impacts biodiversity and carbon sequestration. It also reduces the need for intensive feed production.

  • Health and Welfare: Grass-fed sheep are healthier due to their natural diet. Consumers benefit from nutrient-rich, flavorful meat.

  • Certification and Inspection: Producers adhere to strict standards set by organizations like the American Grassfed Association (AGA). Regular inspections ensure compliance1.


  1. American Grassfed Association (AGA): AGA certifies ruminant meat animals (beef, bison, goat, lamb, and sheep) and pastured pork. Their standards emphasize regenerative practices and animal welfare.

  2. Pasture for Life: This organization promotes 100% pasture-fed meat, milk, and dairy. Their work focuses on ecosystem restoration and positive change in food systems2.

  3. Northland Sheep Farm: Certified Organic and 100% Grass-fed, they raise sheep without any grain or by-products. Their commitment to sustainable practices sets an example3.


The 100% Grass-Fed Sheep Farming Movement aligns with ecological balance, animal well-being, and community resilience. As consumers, supporting this movement contributes to a healthier planet and better food choices.

About World Sheep

Welcome to World Sheep, your dedicated platform for the global 100% grass-fed movement. Our mission is to promote the benefits of grass-fed livestock farming, fostering a healthier, more sustainable world. At World Sheep, we believe in the transformative power of regenerative agriculture and its potential to restore our planet’s health while providing nutritious, high-quality meat.

Our Vision We envision a world where livestock graze naturally on open pastures, contributing to ecological balance and producing meat free from harmful additives. Grass-fed farming is not just a method; it’s a movement towards purity, health, and environmental harmony.

Our Mission Our mission is to support and expand the 100% grass-fed movement globally. We aim to educate, inspire, and connect farmers, consumers, and investors who share our vision of sustainable agriculture. Through holistic grazing practices, we nurture the soil, plants, animals, and people, creating a positive impact on the planet and future generations.

What We Offer

  • Education and Resources: Learn about the benefits of grass-fed farming, from improved animal welfare to enhanced nutritional content and positive environmental impacts.

  • Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to the grass-fed movement. Share knowledge, experiences, and support through our global network.

  • Market Access: Discover and connect with suppliers and buyers of 100% grass-fed meat worldwide. We facilitate trade and partnerships to promote the growth of grass-fed products in the market.

  • Advocacy and Awareness: Join us in advocating for policies and practices that support sustainable agriculture. We raise awareness about the importance of grass-fed livestock farming and its role in combating climate change and promoting health.

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Whether you’re a farmer, consumer, or investor, there’s a place for you in the World Sheep community. Together, we can drive the global shift towards sustainable, regenerative agriculture and ensure a healthier future for all.

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Join us at World Sheep, where we are committed to nurturing the earth, one pasture at a time. Explore our website, connect with our community, and be a part of the global grass-fed movement today.

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