The 5 Most Expensive Sheep Ever Sold in the World

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white sheep near the brown board
white sheep near the brown board


Throughout history, certain sheep have transcended their status as mere livestock to become highly sought-after commodities. These exceptional animals are often prized for their rarity and their value as superior breeding stock. In this blog post, we will explore five of the most expensive sheep ever sold.

Deveronvale Perfection

One of the most famous and expensive sheep ever sold is Deveronvale Perfection. This Texel ram was sold at an auction in Scotland for a staggering £231,000 (approximately $376,000). Deveronvale Perfection was bred by Graham Morrison and was purchased by Jimmy Douglas and other buyers as a prime example of exceptional genetics and breeding potential.

Double Diamond

Setting a new world record, Double Diamond was sold for an extraordinary £365,000 (about $490,000) at the Scottish National Texel Sale in 2020. This Texel ram was bred by Charlie Boden and was bought by a consortium of farmers who recognized its superior genetic qualities. Double Diamond's sale price reflects the high value placed on elite breeding stock.

Sportsmans Unimog

Another remarkable Texel ram, Sportsmans Unimog, was sold for £165,000 (around $215,000). Bred by Boden and Davies, this sheep was highly regarded for its excellent conformation and breeding potential. The high price at auction underscores the demand for top-tier genetic material in the sheep farming industry.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle, another Texel ram, commanded a hefty price of £220,000 (approximately $285,000). Bred by the Milnbank flock, this sheep was purchased by a group of breeders who valued its exceptional traits. The high sale price emphasizes the significance of investing in quality breeding stock to enhance flock genetics.

Glenway Maximum

Rounding out our list is Glenway Maximum, a Texel ram sold for £160,000 (around $208,000). Bred by John Elliot, Glenway Maximum was bought by an enthusiastic consortium of buyers eager to incorporate its superior genetics into their breeding programs. This sale further highlights the premium placed on outstanding breeding stock in the sheep farming community.


The sales of these five remarkable sheep illustrate the immense value placed on exceptional breeding stock in the agricultural sector. These animals not only represent significant financial investments but also hold the potential to influence the genetic quality of future generations of sheep. The high prices paid for these sheep are a testament to their unparalleled quality and the importance of superior genetics in livestock breeding.

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